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Co-Parenting for Your Kids are family mediators dedicated to supporting separated and divorced families.  When you choose to mediate with us, you’ll be supported from first contact through to mediation day and beyond.  We offer child focused, child inclusive and lawyer assisted mediation as well as a Family Court approved Parenting Orders Program, the Circle of Security parenting program, a Step Mum Survival workshop and our Co-Parenting Retreat.  Co-Parenting for your kids offer cost effective mediation and support services so that you and your kids can do more than just survive the divorce – let us help you thrive!

How can we help you?

Family Mediation

If you’re struggling to make decisions about how your children will spend time with you and their other parent, family mediation might be able to assist.  Even if you’ve been separated or divorced for ages or your current agreement just doens’t work anymore, family mediation may be the bridge to new, workable agreements.

Conflict and Communication Coaching

Let’s face it, you’re struggling right now because you don’t know the most effective way to communicate with your ex-partner.  If you’re getting stuck in the revolving door of conflict and you just can’t agree on simple things, discover some new ways to negotiate with the other significant adult in your children’s life with 1-1 coaching.

Workshops & Resources

Sometimes, families really struggle even once they have steadfast agreements in place.  This is where our Family Court approved Parenting Orders Program can give you extra assistance with your co-parenting.  We also facilitate the world renowned Circle of Security parenting program and developed a relationship changing Step Mum Survival workshop.

Co-Parenting (POP) Workshop     Parenting Workshop   Step Parent Workshop

Family Mediation with a Difference

Kirsty Petersen is the principal mediator at Co-Parenting for Your Kids.  Over hundreds of mediations and thousands of hours, Kirsty has supported separated and divorced families to see through their conflict and reach agreements that enable them to move forward with their new life.
More than that, Kirsty’s approach of focusing on children’s developmental needs, enable her to sensitively challenge parents to focus on their child’s experience of separation and divorce. If you’re looking for a mediator who supports you both to define your issues, explore them and negotiate to reach agreement, start the process now by booking your intake meeting with Kirsty.

What Our Clients Say

  • I attended a Co-parenting workshop and Kirsty was brilliant in helping everyone there deal with a difficult, and at times traumatic, period of our lives. She had real-life strategies for dealing with communication issues, parenting and of course.. the relentless conflict. Kirsty helped me feel confident about the future. Kirsty clearly has so much knowledge, training and experience in these issues, and the fact she has experienced co-parenting issues in her own life meant she knew exactly what we are going through and wasn’t just preaching from a text book, she is amazing at what she does and I can’t thank you enough Kirsty. PS: I have already started reading the book you suggested.

  • Kirsty has helped me navigate a very complex situation concerning my now adult daughter and a very hostile situation with my ex. Her advice and genuine desire for the best outcome for all parties especially the children is absolutely clear. Unbiased, direct but easy to listen to. I used her wisdom to change my own behaviour and reactions as I have zero control over the other parties. Life is much easier and less stressful using her strategies.

  • Kirsty demonstrated professionalism and impartiality.
    It was clear to me that Kirsty’s main priority was working with each party to achieve common ground in order to reach an outcome.
    Kirsty was not shy to call a spade a spade and I appreciated this honesty.
    The mediation session was challenging and took a number of hours more than what was included in the fee however Kirsty encouraged discussions to continue and eventually an agreement was reached.

  • ?My ex de-facto chose Kirsty and I held no expectations in respect of outcome.

    I was aware Kirsty had gone through a separation and was co-parenting and I?initially had?some reservations that Kirsty may hold bias because of her own experiences and this would disadvantage me. However within minutes of sitting down with Kirsty?this concern dissipated.

    If you genuinely desire to resolve parenting?matters, I have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty.

  • I was in a situation with my ex where we couldn’t agree on anything. Every communication was difficult.
    With support from Kirsty I was able to totally change the situation to a point where we can reach agreement about everyday things as well as important issues.
    We still have moments, but I now have the skills to facilitate our communication and I’m no longer anxious at the mere prospect of having to discuss something.


Yes! I want to mediate.
What now?

If you’re ready to start the mediaiton process and know Co-Parenting for Your Kids are the best mediators for you, book your intake meeting NOW.

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