Stage One:??

Intake interviews??

We recommend that you talk to your ex-partner about your wish to participate in mediation.? Either you or your ex-spouse can contact us, or you can contact us together.? Each of you will individually?meet with Kirsty or Stacey who are Federally Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. ?The intake interview is mandatory under the Family Law Regulations.
At this meeting? you will be able to?discuss your specific concerns and issues.

If you haven’t made the decision to attend mediation together, we will invite your ex- partner to participate and they will meet with Kirsty or Stacey for their own intake interview.

Following these interviews a decision will be made about whether it is appropriate for you to proceed with mediation.

The fee for each intake interview is $175 per person and is payable on the day of interview.

Stage Two:?


Co-Parenting for Your Kids offer a fixed fee mediation service.** ?We have found that?generally,?families need 4 hours to mediate plus some time at the end of mediation to write up and sign any agreement that has been reached.

The last part of the session is also spent ‘winding down’ by privately talking about your mediation experience.? Mediating can be draining and taking some time at the conclusion of the session to talk with your FDRP, is often beneficial.

Of course, longer and shorter mediation is available and can be negotiated following the intake interviews.

Outcomes that are mutually agreed and signed are called Parenting Plans.? If you wish to formalise a Parenting Plan into a Consent Order, we can provide you with?information about how to go about doing this. ?We can support you with the Do-it-yourself application available from the Family Court website (fee’s of $360 per person apply).

The 4 hour fixed fee option is a child focussed mediation.
Child inclusive and property settlement mediation is also available and may work within the 4 hour fixed model. This will be discussed and decided upon at the Intake meeting. ?Should lawyer assisted mediation be required, per person hourly rates will apply.
The mediation fee is paid in two instalments. ?The first amount ($360) is paid when the mediation date is booked and the balance ($360) is due the last weekday before mediation.

Fee for 4 hours of mediation – $720 per person.

T?s & C?s ?

A 50% deposit needs to be paid in order to book the date for your mediation.? If either party does not attend the mediation, the entire deposit is forfeited unless a new date is booked within?24 hours of the cancellation.? The balance of the fee is payable by each party on the day immediately prior to the mediation.

Not all mediations will fit the 4 hour fixed fee model and lawyer assisted mediation is charged at $195per person per hour of mediation. ?Lawyer assisted mediations might require up to 8 hours if children and property issues need agreement.

* ? ?Any fee’s or costs associated with travel costs or weekend air-conditioning are not included in the above price schedule and are payable in full before mediation day.

** ?All fee’s and prices quoted include GST.