Co-Parenting Kids
Co-Parenting Kids
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Welcome to the Co-Parenting Kids podcast.  I’m Kirsty Petersen, here to give all your co-parenting questions some answers!

This is a show for all parents who share care of their children whether as a biological parent, step parent, guardian or even a grandparent.  We focus on the practical aspects of co-parenting as well as providing specific support for families co-parenting with someone who has narcissistic traits or difficult behaviours.

Join me each fortnight, as we go through tips and tricks to give your co-parenting more harmony.  There’s short segments as well as longer interviews where you’ll get to meet other families struggling with their co-parenting.  Listen on as they learn ways they can do things differently – especially when co-parenting with someone who has difficult behaviours or narcissistic traits.

The Co-Parenting Kids Podcast, with me, Kirsty Petersen.  See you soon.

The Podcast is sponosored by the Change Program.  Find out more here.


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