Kirsty Petersen

Kirsty Petersen

Family Mediator,

Conflict Coach,
Trainer and Facilitator

Professional Supervision is an important aspect of ongoing training, development and improvement

Family mediation is fraught with emotion and very high stakes. Families are talking about the most important people in their life - their children. 

Many skills are needed in our toolbox, and professional supervision is a way to access other FDRP's and the tools they bring to their practice.

Being able to debrief your mediations with other practitioners is not only valuable in a supervisory model but also enables you to listen to views of others and see your own mediations from a new perspective.

Self reflection is but one way to improve and sometimes it's easier to look back on our own work once we have had the opportunity to talk about it.

About Kirsty

I have been a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner for 6 years now and I enjoy the work as much today as I did when I first trained, 7 years ago.

As an adjunct to mediation, I also run a widely acclaimed Parenting Orders Program, the Circle of Security parenting program, a popular Step Family workshop, and a coaching program that supports mums and dads struggling with conflict years after separation.

How does it work?

  •  When: The group will meet 12 times per year - once a month from Feb to Nov, and twice in either Dec or Jan, at a time suitable for all participants
  •  Where: We will use the online platform 'zoom'.  Sessions can be recorded should everyone agree to do so
  • How long:  Supervision sessions will be 60 minutes in duration
  •  How many: Each supervision group will be limited to 5 practitioners
  • Who is this professional supervision for?

  • Lawyer Mediators:  An opportunity to debrief outside your firm, with other mediators, not just lawyers
  •  Family Mediators: Often issues are the same across mediations but how we manage them is usually different - the more tools the better; plus, family mediation is often quite emotional and managing our own triggers is important.  Professional supervision can assist.
  •  New Mediators: Be exposed to experienced practitioners with lots of tricks in their toolbox
  • Experienced Mediators:  Regain a freshness to your practice while supporting new and emerging mediators
  • ​Why should I join?

  • Benefit: Group support to discuss challenging matters and debrief general issues
  •  Feature: Dig deep into skills and tools other practitioners use when dealing with the issues you wish to discuss
  •  Benefit: Tap back into the theory and rediscover a love of the 'tools'
  • ​How much is it?

  • Monthly fee: $97AU per month
  •  One off annual fee: $997 - Join for a year and get two months free 
  •  Another benefit: The fee is tax deductible and the time spent at supervision counts towards professional development hours
  • What Are You Waiting For?

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    Combat Is Optional.

    Kirsty Petersen

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