Family Mediation with a Difference

I know what it’s like to struggle to communicate with your child’s other parent. It’s 7 years since my marriage ended and I’ve been where you are. Some days it didn’t seem to matter what I did or what I said, there was no winning. 

Change doesn’t have to be huge and difficult. It can be just one little thing done differently – that has a huge impact. Let’s see what needs adjusting for you so you and your children can live a peaceful life. Whether you’re just separated, you’ve been struggling for ages, or ‘something’ has just changed everything – YOU have the power to make it different!?

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Kirsty is wearing pink blouse, with hair tied up./What occurs at Family Mediation?

family running on the beach, they are wearing white.Co-Parenting for Your Kids is much more than just a mediation service. Making decisions about your children, your property and closing the book on a chapter of your life can be hard and there might be more to it than you think. We will work with you every step of the way.

We will support you before your mediation by providing you with lots of information about the mediation process so you know what to expect. We’ll help you understand the negotiation process and give you some tips about how to improve your skills. We’ll also provide you with access to training material that will help you work through the things you want to achieve at mediation, think about the things your ex-spouse may want, and challenge you look at it all through the eyes of your children.

Sometimes what happens after mediation is the hardest part. Coming to terms with the new arrangements and learning how to communicate as ex-partners is sometimes difficult. Co-Parenting for Your Kids can support you to learn new skills to make communication easier. We can help you figure out what things are important to talk about, and what things to just ‘let go’. We’re here to support you not just to make decisions but also to live with them and move on with your new life.

If the arrangements you agree to at mediation turn out to not work as well as you thought, we’re here to support you to come up with options and agreements.

Family mediation is an opportunity to set a new path for your family and with support from Co-Parenting for Your Kids and your FDRP Kirsty Petersen, feel confident that you’re making decisions that are best for you and your children, in this new phase of your life.