Make the BIGGEST IMMEDIATE CHANGE for your family, even if you're co-parenting with someone who has narcissistic traits!

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Hi, I'm Kirsty Petersen.
I have supported hundreds of families with thousands of hours of mediation and coaching to end co-parenting groundhog day and reduce conflict - especially for families struggling with a parent who has narcissistic traits.


Most co-parenting families struggle with the same issues. This course will walk you through the Top 3 issues AND give you solutions you can act on right now!

What I have discovered from years of coaching families who struggle to co-parent is that there are very clear solutions to the Top 3 issues families face when co-parenting with someone who has narcissistic traits.

The Top 3 Tips Course will show you with examples, what to do when you're faced with one of the 3 common problems.

There's also a private FB group for the T3T community. If you still have questions after completing the course, ask them in the private group. I am in there every day! I am always very happy to support people looking for ways to end co-parenting conflict!