Workshops are conducted throughout Logan, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. ?They are scheduled at various times throughout the week including during school hours, after hours and on Saturday and Sunday.

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This workshop runs for 5 hours.

Topics covered include:
What is co-parenting??What is parallel parenting?
What does ‘child’s best interest’ really mean?
How do I co-parent with my EX?
What is my role now I’m divorced?
How do I stay relevant in my children’s life?
Talking to your children about separation and divorce
Talking to your children about new partners
Tips and techniques for helping your children cope with separation and divorce
Looking after yourself
Does it ever get better?


[ultimate_pricing color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_main=”#105d71″ color_txt_main=”#105d71″ color_bg_highlight=”#f59855″ color_txt_highlight=”#105d71″ package_heading=”Stop Fighting Today ” package_sub_heading=”tips and techniques for a peaceful life” package_price=”$88.86″ package_btn_text=”I want to come!” package_link=”||target:%20_blank|” package_featured=”enable” el_class=”pps-button-popup-124″]

This workshop is a Court Approved Parenting Orders Program (POP) and runs for 5 hours

Topics covered include:
What is conflict, who causes us conflict.
How conflict affects our body
How to reduce the conflict
Conflict and kids
Parental alienation, what can be done?
Practical tips for managing conflict
Risks for children
How to manage arguments
How to communicate to get more of what you want
What to do if your ex-spouse is controlling, narcissistic or difficult
How to STOP FIGHTING and live a peaceful life

We will work with you, on an actual example in YOUR life, of a recent argument or communication issue, showing you how to apply the principles from the workshop.

You will have access to hands-on support and guidance to make real CHANGE.


Co-Parenting for Your Kids - Dedicated to Supporting Separated and Divorced families

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